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As a client of Synergy Video Productions, you can be assured of the very best client service as well as top quality video productions. We pride ourselves in the work we deliver to our clients and continually strive to push ourselves to new levels of excellence. A video will not leave our offices unless it complies with the highest quality standards we have set for ourselves. No matter what your budget, we will do our very best to make sure the script, sound, lighting, filming composition, narration, editing and packaging all together, produce an outcome that will exceed your highest expectations.

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Synergy comes from the Greek word synergia, meaning “working together”. It is better defined as the cooperation of two organizations producing a combined outcome greater than the sum of their individual inputs. This is exactly what Synergy Video Productions strive for.

When we get the opportunity to work with you Synergy is created, concepts, aims and goals work in concert together to create a successful outcome.


Synergy Video ProductionS

Our company is based in Pretoria East and was established by Executive Producer Morne Andrews in 2006.

The company has built a reputation for producing top quality video productions for local and international companies. From the beginning the company was based on a single premise “service excellence” and today our impressive track record bears witness to that value.

Synergy Video Productions works with “strategic partners” – a team of creative and talented professionals that bring expertise and skills to the production processes wherever they are needed. Above all it is our passion which is the driving force behind the success of every production we take on.


Our mission is to make sure that we communicate directly and clearly with our clients so that we reach a common understanding of the objectives within the scope of their needs, their target audience and budget allocation.

We make it our mission to plan and execute each project to the highest standard and to keep our clients abreast and informed during the various production phases.


  • Pursue excellence in all we do
  • Deliver the highest creative and technical quality
  • To act with integrity, honesty and transparency at all times
  • Exceed customer expectations in every aspect of the video production process
  • To bring our core values to every production
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